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Hawe Hydraulik leases 8,500 sqm Publity Office Park in Aschheim

Hawe Hydraulik has concluded a lease agreement in the "Büropark am Einsteinring" in Aschheim near Munich for approx. 8,500 sqm. According to the lessor Publity, the contract has a term of 15 years; the occupancy rate for the 21,240 sqm of usable space in the business park thus increases to 65%. Savills brokered the deal. The property, which consists of three building groups each with two L-shaped buildings, was designed by KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten in 2002 and has been part of the Publity portfolio since spring 2015. At the beginning of the year, the IT company Wirecard concluded a lease agreement for 3,800 sqm of office space.

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