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Financing: New business in 2016 increased by 15%

According to JLL, commercial real estate financers in Germany increased their new business by 15% last year to €41.6bn. With the exception of pbb, all 13 research institutes expanded their business. DekaBank experienced the greatest growth (+75% to €0.7bn), followed by the Postbank (+30% to €1.3bn). The two are also the only banks that expect a plus for 2017. DG Hyp was the strongest lender at €7.1bn (+27%). Loan portfolios have risen for 11 of the 13 banks, to a total of €200.2bn (+2%). “In the context of the strong regulatory influence from banking supervision, we consider this development to be remarkable”, says JLL expert Markus Kreuter. The discussed change in risk weights in commercial real estate financing would have a double effect on the increased capital requirements with a simultaneously expanding credit book. The largest growth rates in the portfolio, in the double-digit percentage range, were held by Berliner Sparkasse, Deutsche Postbank and Bayern LB.

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