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Mannheim: Industria buys over 100 new apartments in Franklin quarter

Instone Real Estate (formerly formart) has sold a major portion of the apartments planned on Mannheim’s conversion site "Benjamin Franklin Village" to Industria Wohnen. The 105 turnkey rental apartments with 122 underground parking spaces, a child care center, and two existing buildings with an additional 36 apartments will be part of the open-ended Spezial-AIF "Industria Wohnen Deutschland IV". The purchase price is kept confidential. The developer had bought the roughly 18,000 sqm site on Thomas-Jefferson-Straße in late 2016. Construction is scheduled to start in late 2017. Instone is also planning 96 condominiums with two to four rooms under project name "living rooms". Purchase prices will start at about €225,000.

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