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Housing construction: Permits still declining

The number of housing construction permits in Germany continues to fall short of last year’s volume. From January to April, only 106,500 units were approved, 9.0 % fewer than in the first four months of 2016, as the Federal Statistical Office reports. In the first three months, the deficit was still 6.6 %. Counter to the trend, however, permits for units in multi-family structures are increasing (+2.5 % to 51,130). Permits for single family homes and duplexes are still declining (–15.7 % to 28,500 and –6.5 % to 7,000). In a new development, the number of permits for units in dormitories, which includes refugee housing, is also dropping (–16.8 % to 6,350). The number of units to be created by conversions and additions to existing buildings decreased by 28.6 % to 12,000.

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