Container housing: zero-energy pilot project started in Freiburg

Seemingly boring shipping containers are being re-purposed around the world for a variety of functions: as offices, homes, temporary accomodation and other multi-purpose configurations. Such creative re-use has the potential of offering a green solution to two problems at once: shortage of housing and elimination of waste.

We are excited that this ecological solution has now been initiated in Freiburg (also home to THOMAS DAILY HQ). As a large university city, Freiburg faces the same problem each semester: a large influx of students and few affordable housing opportunities.

After attending the presentation of the „addhome study“ project at EXPO REAL in 2013 in Munich, we went to see the container homes at Güterhalle Nord (you can read about current development of this former railway freight-station area into a vibrant district in our Projects section). Naturally, staying true to the spirit of our green city Freiburg, we bicycled there :)

addhome study_blog_pic

At the moment these container housing modules are inhabited free of charge by four University of Freiburg students. We were impressed how well the space is used according to energy efficiency parameters and by all the possibilities of individual interior and exterior design.

Read more about addhome study project.