Intelligence for Real Estate Markets

THOMAS DAILY, a 100% subsidiary of the CoStar Group, is Germany’s leading provider of commercial property information. The market intelligence tool TD Premium offers combined access to news and an extensive archive of project information, transactions and market data. Every day, tens of thousands property professionals receive the TD Morning News.

We offer free access to German property news and international real estate data, as well as subscription access to our TD Premium information system.

To really understand all that THOMAS DAILY has to offer, take a look at this overview.

THOMAS DAILY pursues the goal of transparency in real estate markets and has therefore developed a web-based information system, which continuously updates itself to suit market requirements. It collects all necessary data on one platform, thus making it accessible to professionals in every market.

Our goal is to be the indispensable information source for real estate professionals.

We believe that market transparency provides the foundation for swift and successful decision-making and that it has a dramatic influence along the entire value chain.

We’ve been in business for over 25 years, aiming to facilitate property industry’s information requirements, whilst keeping high standards, authenticity and substance as the foundation of our work.

In 1991, the company was founded by Wendy Thomas. Every day, our dedicated team works very hard to provide the best information available to experts in Germany and beyond.