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Kiel: Matrix acquires Karstadt house, plans revitalization

11/01/2010 Matrix Immobilien AG has acquired the Karstadt house on Alter Markt, or Old Marketplace, in Kiel. In an interview with THOMAS DAILY, Matrix’ business director, Olaf M. Heinzmann, stated that his firm will now strive to restructure and revitalize the building complex, which comprises 16,000 sqm of sales area. For this purpose, it will first [...]

Kiel: Groundbreaking ceremony for €27mn Atlantic Hotel

06/03/2009 The groundbreaking ceremony for a 187 room hotel under the brand name Atlantic near the central train station in Kiel has been performed. The investors in the project are the entrepreneurs Joachim J. Linnemann and Kurt Zech from Bremen. According to their statement, the investment volume amounts to approximately €27mn. The hotel will also offer [...]