THOMAS DAILY products include the commercial property intelligence and research tool TD Premium and a search platform for market reports throughout Europe.

TD Premium is the market leader in providing transparent information about the German real estate market, including a vast, fully accessible archive. This information tool contains an enormous amount of data concerning news, projectstransactionscompanies, and markets. Subscribers can search information in a variety of ways, discovering who is buying, selling, moving, expanding, contracting, building, investing, financing or taking virtually any other action within the commercial real estate market.

TD 100 Cities Survey Prices, Demand, Trends – in 100 cities across Germany! Every year, hundreds of experts inform us about the development of their local real estate markets. The only place you can find market knowledge for second-tier cities and smaller locations.

TD 100 Cities Survey

The German real estate news available on the homepage represent about 10% of the news that THOMAS DAILY gathers every day, accessible via subscription to TD Premium. Sign up for the free TD Morning News to receive the editor’s pick of all daily news.