TD 100 Cities Survey Market Reports

Expert survey across Germany’s top 100 cities

Once every year, commercial property experts are invited by THOMAS DAILY to take the survey for their local markets. The 13th edition of the “100 german cities” market reports has been published shortly.

Understanding Germany’s real estate markets outside the Big 5

It remains difficult to obtain all relevant information and data for smaller locations in Germany. It is also challenging to gain access to historical data.

The TD 100 Cities Survey reflects the results of consultations, carried out by THOMAS DAILY. Each of the 100 reports is topped off with data by economic development agencies and key statistics. The market reports are also available in English. Subscribers to TD Premium have access to the reports, at no extra charge.

Are you a real estate expert in your city?

If you are a broker, investor or project developer you should join the thousands professionals who already contribute transactions and project data to us. You can send us your details at any time. A trustful cooperation with our data supplier is a matter of course for us.

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TD 100 Cities Survey 2018