Key Market Data

Our key data on the office, retail and residential market, combined with the most relevant socio-economic data for 12,000+ cities and towns in Germany, aids understanding and assessment of local markets. We offer valuable insight, specially for tier 2 cities and smaller markets, as well as historical market data, which you will not find anywhere else.

  • Office space: rents, yields, vacancy rates, supply, turnover, maps of the micro markets.
  • Retail space: rents, yields, prime locations, retail purchasing power per capita, annual retail turnover.
  • Residential market: sale prices, rent prices, vacancy, supply, completed units and pooled data from the local expert valuers concerning deals.
  • Logistics market: rental prices for class A, B and C (at city or county level).
  • Socio-economical data: labour market, purchasing power, demographics.
  • Market reports: TD 100 Cities Survey – The local office, retail and residential markets of 100 German towns and cities.

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