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Every day TD publishes around 80 news items on the German real estate market. We provide property professionals with the news they need to make swift, informed decisions. Our free newsletter – the TD Morning News – provides you with brief excerpts from the in-depth news delivered by TD Premium.

To gather the information required we research in excess of 50 print-based and over 200 online-based sources every day. Also, via redaktion@thomas-daily.de a steady stream of press releases are sent to us directly from the real estate companies themselves, giving THOMAS DAILY direct access to all breaking property news.

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TD Premium allows subscribers to access our entire news archive, which dates back to 1994, and currently contains approx. 500,000 property news articles.

Based on intelligent, multiple coding techniques all TD Premium news items are very easy work with and navigate. As an example, in only three clicks you can have all the news concerning office portfolio transactions, available to search, filter, download or printout.

In your personal settings (myTD) you can define which subjects you wish to be informed about. Consequentially, you will receive an email alert when any relevant information matching the city, asset class or subject of your choice is published. Make sure you will never miss important real estate news – big or small – without personally doing any onerous research.

Three times a week, we supply our customers with all news on the commercial real estate market (as a PDF file). With TD Premium it is also possible to create your own personal news edition, which will be sent to your email inbox either daily or weekly.

Our sales team can provide more information. Make an appointment for a free personal consultation to see how your business can benefit from using TD Premium.

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