TD Premium Subscription Options

Whether your interest is limited to one specific geographical region or spanning the entire country; TD Premium provides the opportunity to be tailored by your location focus!

  • Get full access to the news archive, transaction data and project data, general market data, investor profiles, the annual TD 100 cities survey, the PDF newsletter and alert services.

Information as you request it: Combine any region

Being a “Smart Tool”, TD Premium can be tailored to your individual requirements. This allows you to get the exact news and data which you need – no more, no less. The complete stock of TD Premium data will be arranged to suit your business requirements, without affecting functionality, or sacrificing user friendliness. A subscription tailored to your particular needs allows us to offer you quality information at a fair price.

Why search hundreds of sources and select, edit and archive news yourself?

We watch the property market for you every day and everywhere, across Germany, and filter the relevant information, making it simple to access. Whenever and wherever you may need to access high-quality property news and data – TD Premium is available for you online.

Get yourself informed by experts, at an affordable rate!

Which of the subscription options suits you and your daily business best? What are the particular needs of your company? Which of your departments and branches shall have access to TD Premium? Together we will find an answer. Make an appointment with our sales team for a free personal consultation with information how TD Premium can benefit your company.

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