Hamburg: New master plan for eastern HafenCity


Now that development of the western section of the HafenCity is largely concluded, the stage, following revisions to the master plan drawn up in 2000, is set for the eastern section. The main modifications to the master plan were in the direction of more apartments, more green areas, greater building density, and high-rises at the bridges across the Elbe. The total number of residential units in the HafenCity will rise to 5,800 from the original 5,500, and the number of places of work to 45,000 from 40,000. A focus on the Oberhafen as a creative and cultural quarter is planned. Its development will start with the existing buildings, and new buildings will be added in succession. With more than 1,800 apartments, the Baakenhafen will become the most important residential quarter in the HafenCity. The Elbbrücken Quarter, in its turn, will be a highly densified business location for firms, hotels, retail and restaurants. In the easternmost area, large towers are projected, while Chicago Square will be the central public space. Subway line 4 will be extended to this point, at the least. Development in the plan area is to begin in 2011. The master plan was revised by HafenCity Hamburg GmbH in collaboration with the urban development authority and the urban planners Kees Christiaanse and ASTOC.

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