Hotel investment breaks all records in Germany


Hotel investment in Germany reached a new all-time high in 2014. Transactions increased, according to figures from BNPPRE, CBRE, Colliers International, and JLL, to approximately €3bn. This is around 80% more than in 2013, and the previous record years of 2006 and 2007 (each ca. €2.3bn) were exceeded by about 30%. Foreign investors played a part in this by increasing their share of the total investment to over 60%. In addition, there was a better-than-expected closing quarter (up 50% year-on-year) and some large-volume portfolio deals. The most favored market was Munich, where investment climbed by more than 100% to well over €0.5bn. High demand for hotels in Germany was predicted to continue during 2015, with a majority of the brokers expecting results similar to 2014 in 2015.

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