Private equity: Debt funds grew in 2014


Real estate debt funds raised more money than ever before in 2014. According to figures from service provider Preqin, the capital they raised increased from $16bn in 2013 to $20bn. Aggregate capital raised by all real estate strategies worldwide was slightly less than in 2013 ($90bn vs. $92bn), but Preqin said the total figure is expected to increase 10-20% when more data become available. It also said funds focusing on Europe raised 131% more capital than in 2013 ($36bn vs. $15bn). Swisslake also concluded that the knot in Europe has been loosened after AIFM, and a catch-up effect can be expected for 2015. According to the Switzerland-based firm’s database, the figures for the issuing of new funds, which declined by 4% in 2014, were significantly worse than those for fund placements. Swisslake said there was no cause for euphoria or exaggeration, and that the issuing behavior seen in the real estate industry before the financial crisis is still far off.

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