Erlangen: Engelhardt to build €135mn inner city quarter


Engelhardt Group will begin in the fall with the construction of the inner city quarter “Erlanger Höfe” on a portion of the former Gossen company site. According to company information, its is investing some €155mn in the project. The plan includes 171 apartments, 210 studio units (83 of which are business units and 127 are student apartments), a hotel with around 180 beds, approx. 3,000 sqm of office space, and 525 underground parking spaces. The residential and commercial area adds up to about 35,000 sqm. Negotiations are still ongoing with two to three potential hotel operators. A section of the office space will also be used by Engelhardt, the company told TD. The listed historic Gossen administrative building would be integrated in the project. Completion is planned for fall 2018.

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