Düsseldorf: Fashion Houses give way to residential district


CR investment management wants to build over the area of the two Fashion Houses at Danziger Straße 101-111 in Düsseldorf-Stockum. Instead of the two building complexes, a mixed-use residential area will be developed on the 38,000 sqm plot. Retail or catering will be located in the ground-floor areas, or perhaps a hotel, according to the City’s administrative plan. The three planning options from msm Architekten will be specified in a multi-stage workshop procedure, which is set to begin on 9 June 2017. Since 2007, the owner of the two buildings built in 1978 and 1988 has been W2005/W2007 Mode Asset. CR Investment has been entrusted with asset management since mid-2016. The company did not provide any information on the investment volume for the new development.

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