Bochum: Kintyre becomes co-owner and manager of the “Drehscheibe” shopping centre


Kintyre plans to reposition the “Drehscheibe” shopping centre in Bochum’s inner city. The company based in Frankfurt has taken over the asset and centre management for a period of eight years, and with a share of 5.1%, is joining as co-investor of the 12,000-sqm centre on Kortumstraße. According to the company, Kintyre is negotiating with two potential users regarding 3,500 sqm of space, in order to reach the full occupancy by the end of the year. Currently, 75% of the centre is occupied and the anchor tenant is Rewe. In December last year, Munich-based second-market specialist Asuco purchased the building from Deutsche Asset Management. Kintyre was advised by King & Spalding on the purchase of shares.

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