HB Reavis starts business in Germany


Slovakian developer HB Reavis now plans to also set foot in Germany. From its office in Berlin (Bleibtreustraße), it plans to implement predominantly larger office development projects. New members of the German team are Hans-Peter Hähnlein (48), who is responsible for the expansion as Commercial Director Germany, and Andreas Roczek (54) as Construction Director Germany. Hähnlein previously headed the German business division as Managing Director of the French investment manager Inovalis, and Roczek previously worked for Turner & Townsend, among other companies. Marcel Sedlák was appointed CEO of the German subsidiary in March. Five years ago, the developer active in the CEE region set foot in London and the expansion to Germany was “the next logical step”. A current major project in London, Central 33, which has already been sold to Wells Fargo, will be implemented by HB Reavis with a loan totalling €127mn from Deutsche Pfandbriefbank and Deutsche Hypothekenbank.

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