Frankfurt: Newspaper wants to leave Gallus


The Daily paper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) would like to give up its publishing and editorial office building in Frankfurt’s Gallus district. “It is true that we want to move”, a company spokesperson has confirmed. A relocation is being considered both for the FAZ and its subsidiaries (Hellerhofstrasse 2-4 and 9) as well as for the Mediengruppe Frankfurt (formerly Frankfurter Societäts-Medien, at Frankenalle 71-81). This consideration is still in the early stages, however. According to information from the media service Meedia, FAZ wants to take advantage of the favorable market situation and sell the properties to developers. This would also spare the publishing house necessary and expensive renovations to the building. The publisher and editorial offices may move as early as mid-2019, according to the report.

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