Berlin: Wulff and Casada build for €250mn in Charlottenburg


Otto Wulff Projektentwicklung and the Berlin-based Casada Group intend to invest about €250mn in the residential quarter planned at Schloss Charlottenburg. Plans are for 14 buildings with a total of 578 apartments on approx. 50,000 sqm of living space, an Otto Wulff spokesperson told TD. The property is located at the corner of Sophie-Charlotte-Strasse 115 and Heubnerweg 7, and comprises around 28,000 sqm. The first building phase is scheduled to begin this month with the construction of 57 apartments, and marketed by Ziegert. The remaining construction phases should be completed by 2022. As reported, the project “Schlosspark Charlottenburg” is receiving €76mn in leveraged financing from HypoVereinsbank.

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