ZBI closes Fonds 10 with €156mn and launches Fonds 11


ZBI Fondsmanagement has placed its tenth public AIF and immediately launched its successor. The “ZBI Professional 10” fund brought in €156.2mn in equity capital, significantly more than its minimum value of €40mn. Seven property portfolios with 1,818 apartments and 30 commercial units had been purchased for the fund by the end of September. These properties are located in Flensburg, Rendsburg, Berlin, Werder (Havel), Braunschweig, Grevenbroich and Nuremberg. ZBI reports that an additional portfolio is currently being examined for purchase. The “ZBI Professional 11″ has a minimum value of €40mn; it may be placed for a maximum of €200mn. Like its predecessor, its purpose is for the purchase, management and profitable sale of German residential properties. It has a planned term of six years and an expected total return of 154.6%. ZBI says it has secured a starting portfolio of €35mn, with apartments in Rostock, Stralsund, and Flensburg.

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