Sparkasse Bremen sells downtown lot to international investors


Sparkasse Bremen is selling its headquarters in downtown Bremen to the international investors’ group of the Schapira family. The Israeli brothers Pinchas and Samuel Schapira are developing real estate in various German cities. In Bremen, ongoing projects are the site around the city library Am Wall, and the DHL building in the cargo center. There are no concrete plans as yet for the 11,000 sqm site around the Sparkassen finance center Am Brill. A workshop process involving the citizens of Bremen will be conducted in the coming weeks. The ideas generated there will then be used as a basis for a utilization concept, which is to culminate in a building plan. Meanwhile, Sparkasse is moving its main administration with 800 employees to the Unicampus. The bank recently reserved a 7,200 sqm lot on the corner of Universitätsallee and Autobahnzubringer and invited about 15 architecture firms to submit drafts. The winning plans will be chosen in March, and the move is anticipated for late 2020.

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