Union Investment opens former Karstadt in Stuttgart


Union Investment has completed the conversion of the former Karstadt building in Stuttgart. Today, Primark is opening its doors to about 11,750 sqm leased space and an underground garage operated by Apcoa. Other tenants in the retail and office building in prime location Königstraße 27 are a dm drugstore (about 1,400 sqm) and Vodafone (about 920 sqm), and cosmetics retailer Lush will be moving into about 120 sqm shortly. A lease was recently signed with the tax consultancy Dr. Helf Treuhand for 1,090 sqm office space on the 6th floor and 194 sqm roof terrace. About 1,270 sqm office space on the 5th floor and 111 sqm roof terrace are still available, as are about 3,400 sqm retail space. The opening of the Primark store may spark protests in the city. Businesses in the neighborhood have started an appeal against the fashion retailer on Facebook.

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