Deutsche-Hypo-Index falls in February


First up, then down again. After a plus of 2.9 % in January, the survey-based real estate climate index of Deutsche Hypo dropped in February by 2.3 % to 135.7 points. The rental climate declined by 2.8 % and the investment climate by 1.8 %. Of the five asset types examined, three showed losses. The biggest drop was recorded in the sub-index for commercial property by -8.4 % to less than 100 points. The last time a lower figure was recorded was in July 2008. The hotel (-3.3 %) and office index (-1.5 %) also dipped, while residential and logistics property saw a slight increase. The data-based real estate market index, on the other hand, rose by 1.3 % to a new high of 320.2. After starting the year with such ups and downs, a trend will likely not emerge until after the Mipim, says Deutsche Hypo board member Sabine Barthauer.

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