Munich: ehret + klein develops 14,000 sqm on Heimeranplatz


Architecture firm OSA Ochs Schmidhuber Architekten has introduced a draft to the city planning commission for the new office building planned by ehret + klein on Heimeranplatz in Munich’s Westend. The plan, which calls for a twelve-story building 38 m in height, is now to be revised. Among other changes, two more stories are to be added. An ehret + klein spokesperson told TD upon inquiry that about 14,000 sqm GFA are planned. In view of the high demand for space, she stated, the firm is developing large, high-end office units, as well as retail space on the ground floor and a conference and event hall on the roof. ehret + klein had acquired the 8,500 sqm site on Ridlerstraße 37 in 2015 with the Danish firm Kirkbi A/S as main investor. The revised draft should be finished by early April; the building permit is expected to be approved in May.

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