Düsseldorf: “Vierzig549” developers by office building


Developer Wohnkompanie NRW, a subsidiary of the Zech Group, and Bauwens have acquired the office building Hansaallee 305 in Düsseldorf-Heerdt. The seller is a closed-end fund of Donner & Reuschel Bank, tenant is Wisag. A preliminary building permit has been issued for the 5,400 sqm site, which allows for nearly 10.000 sqm to be developed in addition to the existing 5,343 sqm GFA of office space. The purchase price was in the single-digit millions. The rotunda, built in 1978, is located adjacent to what is currently Düsseldorf’s largest quarter development “Vierzig549”. The joint venture is building more than 1,000 residential units plus 38,000 sqm commercial space for local supply and leisure activities on the 118,000 sqm lot. BGA Invest of Munich brokered the transaction.

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