Ehret + Klein plans redevelopment of Kaufhof location in Landau


Ehret + Klein, who has owned the building still used by Galeria Kaufhof in Landau since February, plans to repurpose or redevelop the property. According to a release, the firm intends to implement “a mixed-use concept of housing, commercial, restaurant, and retail space,” also planning public events even before the end of this year to gather suggestions from the population. The results of an idea competition held in 2013 under the title “Quartier Kaufhof” are also to be included in the new plans. A spokeswoman for the investor told TD that the lease with Kaufhof remains in effect until 2021. However, the conclusion that the concern will give up the Landau location at that point, she stated, is premature. It is also possible that Kaufhof will remain on the property as one of several future users. Currently, about 30 % of the nearly 18,000 sqm lettable space are vacant. Ehret + Klein has also taken on the property management of the asset.

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