Consus and CG plan five projects with 1,670 apartments


Consus Real Estate intends to develop five new housing construction projects with a revenue volume of about €750mn through its subsidiary CG Group. The lots have already been secured, Consus states. According to a release, the firm intends to build around 1,670 apartments with 153,210 sqm living space and 29,968 sqm commercial space over the next three to four years. Two building complexes with a total of 94,183 sqm floor space are to be erected in Cologne; the plans for Hamburg include 650 apartments totaling 43,896 sqm, and in Erfurt, CG Group is planning 6,951 sqm living space in an existing building and a new structure. A new building in Böblingen will offer 5,670 sqm living space and 1,800 sqm commercial space. These new projects increase CG Group’s development volume by 16 % to roughly €5.4bn.

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