Aberdeen and GeRo building apartments in Ludwigshafen and Frankfurt


Aberdeen Standard Investments and developer GeRo Real Estate have acquired the former production site of Halberg Maschinenbau in Ludwigshafen’s Süd district, and intend to build 550 apartments on the lot. This was released yesterday jointly with the city at a press conference. The parties are working toward obtaining a work permit by late 2019 based on a new zoning plan. JLL brokered the nearly 25,000 sqm site (corner of Rheinallee and Halbergstraße), where 65,000 sqm GFA for 1,500 residents as well as commercial space and a child day care center are to be developed. Aberdeen and GeRo also revealed that they are investing in the conversion of an office and retail building in Frankfurt-Bornheim started in late 2018. The structure on Burgstraße 106 was formerly used by Alnatura and will be converted to 162 residential units, two shops, a health care facility, and an office.

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