Allianz Real Estate aiming for €100bn


Allianz Real Estate increased its assets under management until the end of last June to €60.1bn. €42.5bn is attributable to direct and indirect investments, while €17.6bn is from lending in the USA (€10.8bn) and in Europe (€6.8bn). At Expo Real, Allianz CEO Francois Trausch announced the company’s new target of increasing assets under management to €100bn over the next five years. Allianz has also launched a new debt fund under Luxembourg law to meet the growing demand for debt investments. It will also be open to third-party investors starting in 2019. This is the first time that Allianz RE will act as an investment manager for third parties. Allianz also presented the new study “Cities that Work” at Expo Real. Munich ranked first place in both core and value-added categories, with Berlin and Frankfurt placing in the Top 10. The study examines 34 European cities for investment opportunities in the office real estate sector.

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