Allianz sets target of €10bn in third-party business


Of the €100bn AuM Allianz Real Estate is striving to have under contract by late 2023, 10 % are to be generated by third-party business. “We are very confident that we will be able to obtain institutional funds from third parties with our European debt platform,” says Roland Fuchs, Head of European Debt. The platform, established last year in Luxembourg, was the group’s reaction to increased demand for real estate financing by smaller Allianz companies. To date, the platform has transacted €1bn in financing; starting this year it is to be made available to third-party investors as well. Worldwide, Allianz’ financing portfolio grew to €19.3bn in 2018, with Europe logging a record year at €2.1bn in new investments. Direct and indirect real estate investments increased by 10 % to €44.2bn, bringing AuM at year’s end to €63.5bn.

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