Apleona: COO Otto Kajetan Weixler moves to supervisory board


Otto Kajetan Weixler (60) is leaving the management board of Apleona Group in July and joining the supervisory board. Robin Petersen (43), who has been head of the service unit for Siemens’ power plant division in Europe, Russia, and Africa since 2014, will take over the responsibility for the group’s facility management business in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Weixler will join the management board in March. CEO Jochen Keysberg acknowledges Weixler, who most recently was also COO at Apleona, as “the bedrock and shaper of German facility management”. He has been head of the German Facility Management Association Gefma since 2004, and was instrumental in building HSG Facility Management, which is now Apleona’s core business. His career began in 1984 with construction company Philipp Holzmann. In 1992, he became the sole Managing Director of HSG Holzmann Technischer Service GmbH, the predecessor of Apleona, which was taken over by Bilfinger Berger in 2002.

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