Atlantic Hotels builds high-rise in Erfurt


The Bremen-based Atlantic Hotels has been awarded the contract to build the “Tower West” in Erfurt’s ICE City. This was announced by the State Development Corporation of Thuringia (LEG), acting as development agency. The 50-meter tower is to be erected on the 3,150 sqm site between Kurt-Schumacher-Straße and Schmidtstedter Straße. It will hold offices, restaurants and a four star plus hotel. The invitation to tender includes reference to approx. 12,000 sqm of GFA. A 60-meter “Tower Ost” will be built across from this building, with both towers then forming the “Neue Schmidtstedter Tor”. LEG has also acquired a nearby 4,725 sqm site from Deutsche Bahn and intends to build a multi-level parking garage there. Deutsche Bahn itself has also approved a new office complex in ICE City which will accommodate around 500 employees of various DB companies.

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