AviaRent: New appointment after departure of Golla and Winter


AviaRent Invest AG is appointing Yenna Haack to its executive board as of 15 February. The board currently consists of Mathias Giebken and Ralf Otzen, after founder Dan-David Golla and Susan Winter left the company at the end of the year. The departures, the company merely states, were “part of the international development and expansion of the team in the acquisitions and asset management divisions.” Golla has founded his own consulting firm. In the Luxembourg-based parent company AviaRent Capital Management, Harald Strelen is joining the board to work with Giebken and Otzen. Haack has been Head of Acquisitions for the investor specializing in care and educational properties since April 2018. On the board she will be in charge of investments, transactions, and asset management. In addition, Haack and Sascia Hauke will be supporting the management board of subsidiary AviaFund Solution Services, which also includes Giebken and Otzen.

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