Berlin: Aerium and Highbrook buy office building in Friedrichshain


Investment managers Aerium and Highbrook Investors have bought the former Steinbeis-Haus in Berlin-Friedrichshain. The six-story office building on Gürtelstraße 29a/30 has roughly 8,600 sqm floor space and 111 underground parking spaces. It was most recently used by the Steinbeis University. The building dates from 1994 and is currently vacant. Aerium states that it is now to be refurbished and re-let. The seller is ImmoTech Steinbeis GmbH of Stuttgart. Aerium together with Stanhope Capital had also bought two smaller office buildings south of Spittelmarkt in January. The properties on Seydelstraße 18 and Alte Jakobstraße 77 were built in 1995 and 1996 and together offer 4,800 sqm lettable space. The purchase was for the Portman Square German Real Estate Fund.

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