Berlin: Archigon plans 90,000 sqm office space in Lichtenberg


Berlin-based developer Archigon is planning about 90,000 sqm office space on the Spreeufer in Berlin-Lichtenberg. The company, which previously focused mainly on residential projects, has acquired two lots totaling 30,000 sqm on Köpenicker Chaussee for the project. Plans for the sites call for several buildings of four to ten floors with a central access promenade connecting them to the riverbank and a semi-public square with restaurants at one end. The drafts for the ensemble were drawn by HKA Hastrich Keuthage Architekten. As TD learned, the building permit has already been issued, but no date has been set for the start of construction. Archigon views the axis from Ostkreuz along Köpenicker Chaussee as an extension of the Mediaspree project. Together with the nearby former radio building on Nalepastraße, Archigon states, the riverbank area offers potential for more than 200,000 sqm GFA for commercial use.

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