Berlin: CA Immo leases 23,000 sqm in Europacity to KPMG


CA Immo has announced leasing the office tower planned near Berlin’s main station to KPMG. The auditing firm will occupy 23,000 sqm in the tower on construction field 4. The new structure on Europaplatz will be about 84 m high and have roughly 29,000 sqm GFA. CA Immo quotes the investment volume at about €155mn. Construction is to start before the end of the year; completion is anticipated for late 2023. The drafts came from Munich-based architecture firm Allmann Sattler Wappner. As early as two years ago, TD had reported that KPMG would probably move into the high rise located directly next to the current KPMG headquarters, which has about 13,000 sqm and was also developed by CA Immo. The two buildings will be connected by a joint underground garage.

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