Berlin: Caleus sells TechnoCampus in Spandau


Caleus Capital appears to be on the verge of selling the TechnoCampus in Spandau’s Siemensstadt, as is revealed by an entry with the Federal Cartel Office. The entry lists the companies Pan Eu­ro­pean Va­lue Ad­ded Ven­ture II S.C.A. of Luxembourg and Ha­rel Ins­uran­ce Com­pa­ny Ltd. of Israel as potential buyers. Upon inquiry, Caleus only stated that an official press release would be issued after the closing. TD was able to find out that Pan European Va­lue Ad­ded Ven­ture II S.C.A. is part of Axa Investment Managers. Harel is an Israeli insurance and investment company with real estate in Hanover, Düsseldorf, and Leipzig, among other locations. Caleus had acquired the landmarked TechnoCampus on Siemensdamm 59-63 in 2013; it has roughly 47,000 sqm office space.

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