Berlin: Court stops apartment sale to Deutsche Wohnen


The regional court of Berlin has stopped the sale of the apartments on Karl-Marx-Allee to Deutsche Wohnen. The case involves the housing blocks C-Süd, D-Nord, and C-Nord with 675 residential and 57 commercial units, for which the “execution of the deeds of sale by Predac to Deutsche Wohnen” was now forbidden. The injunction was obtained by WBF Wohnungsbaugesellschaft Friedrichshain, who could now become the municipal owner of the properties jointly with parent company WBM, as was stated in a release by the financial authority. Deutsche Wohnen had agreed on the purchase of nearly 800 apartments on Karl-Marx-Allee in October, but has since faced considerable political resistance. Municipal preemptive rights are to be exercised for a block of 80 apartments located within a living environment protection zone.

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