Berlin: Laborgh to build 1,000 apartments in Marzahn for Howoge


Laborgh Investment plans to develop around 1,000 apartments and several hectares of commercial space on the former Knorr-Bremse site in Berlin’s Marzahn district. The entire quarter will be taken over by the state housing association Howoge after completion. A development partnership for the “Georg Knorr Park Teilfläche Ost” construction project has recently been signed by both parties. Laborgh had acquired the roughly 9-hectare site between Georg-Knorr-Platz and Wiesenburger Weg from Knorr-Bremse in 2016 and subsequently presented its initial plans, resulting in a dispute in the Senate: Katrin Lompscher (Left Party), Berlin’s Senator for Urban Development and Housing, sought the construction of up to 1,500 apartments, while Ramona Pop (Greens), Senator for Economy, Energy and Public Enterprises, fought to keep the area as a commercial location. A compromise was reached last summer, with ultimate planning authority going to Urban Development and Housing.

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