Berlin: Leonardo to operate 380-room hotel in Adlershof


Leonardo has signed on as a tenant of the planned “Campus Hotel” at Rudower Chaussee 2, near the Adlershof regional rail station, in Berlin. The new location will comprise approx. 24,000 sqm in the 16-story high-rise, as well as five floors in the nearby OfficeLab Campus. 380 rooms are planned. The conference area will be 3,400 sqm, including a 1,000 sqm ballroom with an atrium. The new building complex was designed by the Berlin firm GBP Architekten. The project is being led by a joint venture between its developer, Immobilien-Experten-AG and its investor, Peakside Capital. It will have a total gross floor area of just under 37,000 sqm. and hold office, restaurant and retail space in addition to the hotel.

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