Berlin: Pandion to build 430 apartments in Friedrichshain


Pandion intends to create up to 430 apartments in Berlin’s Friedrichshain district. The Cologne-based developer has acquired a 24,000 sqm plot between Landsberger Allee, Matthiasstraße, Pufendorfstraße and Friedenstraße. It is part of the former Böhmisches Brauhaus site. The seller is the B&L Group, which was advised by JLL. Pandion intends to create approx. 43,700 sqm of GFA. The complex, to be called “Böhmisches Viertel” (Bohemian Quarter), will have around 400 condominiums, 30 subsidized apartments and a day care center. Pandion reports that the building permit has been granted; the quarter should be completed by late 2022. B&L had acquired the 60,000 sqm property in the mid-1990s and carried out its own office, hotel and residential projects. Nearly 200 additional apartments are currently being built by the municipal real estate company WBM, which had also taken over a section of the B&L site.

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