Berlin: Signa now reportedly planning three towers on Kurfürstendamm


Up to three high rises could be built on the lots surrounding the Karstadt Haus on Berlin’s Kurfürstendamm. According to matching news reports, Signa is planning on introducing their ideas for the projects to the Berlin building authority this coming Monday. There are currently five variants with either three or two towers measuring between 120 and 150 m in height. The reports state that Signa has contracted the Dutch architecture firm KCAP to conduct an urban planning study for the site. Rumors to that effect had been heard since the last Expo Real. Then as now, Signa is declining to comment on that information. It is now said that Charlottenburg’s building councilman Oliver Schruoffeneger has confirmed that high rises are being considered. However, he is supporting the variant with two somewhat lower towers. Originally, Signa had intended to develop the site as “Mall of Kudamm” together with Berlin developer HGHI. After Harald G. Huth’s firm left the project, Signa completely revised its plans.

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