Bonn: Warburg-HIH buys L’Osteria location


Warburg-HIH Invest has acquired a fully leased retail building with 1,908 sqm lettable space in Bonn. The property on In der Sürst 3 was modernized in 2013 and 2019, and will be added to open-ended Spezial-AIF “Warburg-HIH Perspektive Einzelhandel: Fokus Geschäftshäuser”. The purchase was brokered by Colliers International. The seller was legally advised by the law firm Loschelder, the buyer received legal consulting from law firm Ashurst and technical advice from Consulting Partners Hamburg. Main tenant is the franchise restaurant L’Osteria, which opened on 22 January and occupies about 1,200 sqm. The lease for that space is fixed at twelve years. The restaurant is operated and leased by MCH 3 Betriebsgesellschaft mbH. Further spaces are leased to medical practices and offices, and 190 sqm are used as apartments. The WALT for the building is 10.3 years.

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