Büschl Group takes on two 155 m towers in Munich


Büschl Group intends to build two high rises 155 m in height in Munich. The project represents a milestone for urban planning in the city. For the first time since the high rise referendum of 2004, in which an upper limit of 100 m was defined and which is now no longer binding, an investor is daring to build higher structures. The towers are planned on the site of the parcel post center near Friedenheimer Brücke, which Büschl acquired about a year ago. The urban planning concept for the quarter development was created by Herzog & de Meuron and was now introduced. Plans call for roughly 87,000 sqm floor space for living, working, shopping, restaurants and social facilities. The parcel post center will be refurbished and used for cultural and sporting events. The start of the building plan process is scheduled for this fall; construction is to start in 2024 after the postal service moves out.

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