Buwog now also building in Leipzig


Buwog Group is taking over the lion’s share of the planned housing in the long-planned quarter development near the Bayerischer Bahnhof in Leipzig. The city had been looking for a partner who would make a long-term commitment to Leipzig, says Patrik Fahrenkamp, CEO of investor Leipziger Stadtbau in a release. Of the 1,600 apartments planned, Buwog will build 1,400. Stadtbau will mainly be involved in the development of the roughly 150,000 sqm commercial space. The building phases will probably be completed by late 2027, a release states. An urban planning contract based on the competition results of 2011 was signed in November. The total investment volume is estimated to be around €600mn. This is Buwog’s third development location in Germany after Hamburg and Berlin.

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