Catella: 30 new residential towers by 2023


According to an analysis by Catella, up to 30 new residential towers will be built in Germany by 2023. Most of them will be located in Berlin (14), followed by Frankfurt (11). Catella included buildings of at least 50 m in height with a minimum of 75 % residential space, with permits issued starting in 2014. The new towers could be a response to the steadily increasing need for housing in the metropolitan cities and simultaneous scarcity of available land, Catella states. In contrast to earlier housing towers, which were considered to be on their way out in the 1980s, the “new generation” towers are all being built in central locations. They offer mixed utilizations, increase property values in their surrounding districts, and are mostly luxuriously laid out. All of that has its price: Average rents are between €18/sqm in Stuttgart and €27/sqm in Berlin, purchase prices range up to €9,500/sqm in Hamburg’s Hafencity.

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