Cologne: 7,300 sqm in Müngersdorf’s “TechnologiePark” newly leased


The fund EQT Real Estate I has extended two leases for three of its buildings in the “TechnologiePark” in Cologne-Müngersdorf and expanded one of them by 7,300 sqm, so contracts were signed for a total of 25,000 sqm office space. As TD learned, the tenants are two companies of auto maker Ford. EQT real estate had bought the three office buildings “Plaza”, “Dolphin”, and “Forum” on Josef-Lammerting-Allee together with four other structures in the “TechnologiePark” in September 2016, and now intends to conduct modernization measures. CTP Asset Management Services is responsible for the property management; Rhein Real Immobilien brokered the deals for the lessor.

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