Cologne: Meininger Hotel Group rents 7,900 sqm in the “Ovum”


The Meininger Hotel Group will operate its new Cologne hotel in the “Ovum” commercial quarter, in the city’s Braunsfeld district. The company has rented around 7,900 sqm at Stolberger Straße 349 near Eupener Straße, where it intends to open a 200+ room hotel in autumn 2022. The lease will initially run for 22 years. The “Ovum”, a joint venture between Fay Projects and Alfons & Alfreda Management, will be a six-to-seven-story commercial complex with around 27,600 sqm of total lettable space. In addition to the space for the hotel, 17,250 sqm of GFA is planned for offices and some retail shops, and 2,800 sqm for restaurants and fitness facilities. Meininger had announced its return to Cologne, without disclosing further details, in early June.

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